Newsletter #2: Going Green @ Chico State

Going Green with Polished Concrete! 

UPDATE:   We revisited the project again in 2015. The floor still looks as good as we left it back in 2006.

In 2008, Eighteen Months after completion of Chico states polished concrete project. Wayne Murray and staff were kind enough to share their report with us on how there polished concrete is doing. Wayne Murray and Chico State are truly helping lead the way in green/sustainable practices!

Mark Foreman /Ak4 Concrete Solutions 

Chico State's Polished Decorative Concrete 

CHICO, California - The Associated Students (AS) at the Bell Memorial Union (BMU), California State University (CSU), Chico, is helping to lead the way with green/sustainable practices for the university and the community. Some of the most effective changes are being made quietly and behind the scenes while fully embracing the campus green/ sustainability initiative. 

The facilities manager for the AS, Wayne Murray, has been tasked with and is enthusiastically guiding the custodial, maintenance, and theatre technical staff in a more sustainable and green direction. Changes have been, and are being, made to the face of the BMU that may be easily recognized by employees and regular patrons.

Other changes may not be as easily noticed, even by the keenest observers. Due to the successful completion of a green/ sustainable project, cleaning and maintenance of the concrete floor in the BMU Atrium has become much easier to care for and more green/sustainable. The floor no longer requires chemicals to keep it clean and to maintain a shine. The Necessity of stripping waxing and sealing to maintain a good appearance has been totally eliminated. This transformation was achieved during the winter break in December 2006 and January 2007. 

Decorative concrete contractor Mark Foreman, Ak4 Concrete solutions, from Auburn, California, transformed the concrete floor from a high maintenance floor to a low maintenance floor. 

The concrete floor required a painstaking process of removing old Acrylic sealers and paint, Mechanical grinding, Polishing, staining/dyeing and finally Lithium densification/surface hardening. These steps ultimately lead to turning the floor into a polished decorative stone comparable to polished marble or granite in terms of its abrasion, stain resistance and shine. 

"All we have to do now to clean the floor is to use a Micro fiber wet or dry mop," Murray said. 

"The floor will actually start to look better the more that it is mopped and cleaned. It's like polishing a stone: it gets harder and looks better each and every time it is cleaned. " 

"We are also using the Twister Diamond Cleaning System, which is a revolutionary cleaning and polishing system for hard surface floors that assist in bringing out the best in our polished concrete floor." Murray said. 

Prior to the transformation, the floor was coated with four years of a very hard sealer/Wax which was used to help keep the concrete looking clean, aesthetically pleasing and stain resistant. The previous maintenance regimen involved regular cleaning, periodic stripping and waxing/sealing of the floor with a variety of caustic chemicals. The Process used significant resources in the form of chemical, money and labor. 

"It's a win-win solution." Murray said. "We've been able to get rid of costly, harmful products and still maintain the appearance of the floor using virtually no chemicals."

For further information, contact Wayne Murray, BMU Facilities Manager, Associated Students, CSU, Chico, (530) 898-4676 

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