Newsletter #3: Tsuda's Grocery (Project Profile)

Project profile - Tsuda's Deli, Auburn, CA 
Sustainabilty means Durability

by Mark foreman 

Tsuda's Grocery - Auburn, CA 

In late 2008, Low cost, and low maintenance was what the owners of Tsuda’s Deli in Old town Auburn were thinking. They wanted stained and sealed concrete, but when seeing the restaurant across the street, Tsudas had second thoughts, because after only one year, the restaurant was stripping and re sealing there stained and sealed concrete floor.  Tsudas didn’t want to deal with the down time and cost trying to keep a stained and sealed floor maintained. So they commissioned us to stain and densify there floor instead. Using our ROCK HARD SYSTEM solved their problem, giving them a  super sustainable, durable floor tough enough to withstand warehouse traffic. We used 3 of our Lithium based, Hardener, Sealer, densifiers, giving them 3 levels of protection.

Some of the Key benefits Using ROCK HARD in place of traditional Acrylic and Urethane based coatings are.

  • Low Installation cost comparable to Stained and sealed concrete systems
  • Eliminates the ongoing cost of coating re application and floor covering failures.
  • Very High Level of Durability
  • Re application of level 2 & 3 floor hardener is optional.
  • Improved indoor air quality.
  • Non Toxic and Green friendly.
  • Non resource depleting in comparison to floor coverings and coatings.
  • 71% more abrasion resistant then untreated concrete.
  • Unlimited design possibilities.

Many architects and designers are focused on sustainability, durability, low lifecycle maintenance cost, and LEED compliance. for them,Our innovative use of lithium based densifiers should be a welcome and over due service. Over the coming years you will see similar systems entering the market place, completely changing the way we protect concrete surfaces from wear and abuse. After 5 years of field testing and working out the sensitive chemistry involved with this process, we can now give you a 10 year warranty, protecting you from dusting and wearing down of your concrete stain and surface. The uses and application of our densifiers will vary depending on the projects circumstances. Only trained and certified applicators should qualify for use of this system.

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