AK4 Polished LEED Guide

Ak4 Concrete Solutions Leed Guide

Our Polishing system is becoming one of the easiest and most popular ways to accrue LEED points and certification for LEED. There is a large difference in the application procedures when price is the sole determination of product selection versus quality. There is also a difference in the amount of polishing products consumed for an Ak4 polished floor versus that of vendors whose sole intent is to sell as much product as possible. Ak4 polishing is truly ground and polished concrete, and we do not rely on coatings for the shine. In order to help protect the floor from damage during construction, Ak4 polished concrete is so durable, that we often do the process before framing and building out the project. Ak4 polished concrete is super sustainable and can last the life of the building. Other things To Consider when using Ak4 concrete solutions are personalized design assistance, consultation and installation, with 36 years experience in all phases of concrete and decorative concrete systems.

Why polished concrete for LEED?

  • Lowest Lifecycle cost
  • Light reflectivity up to 30% Greater.
  • Ultra Low Maintenance, No coatings that need to be periodically stripped and re applied.
  • Non Toxic, Green friendly Densifiers.
  • Low and Non resource depleting.
  • Eliminates the ongoing cost of coating and floor covering replacement and failures.
  • Zero to Low VOC for superior indoor air quality.


MR Credits 1.1, 1.2 & 1.3 – Building Reuse – 1 point each

• In a major renovation if the existing concrete slab can be reused by removing any existing flooring or using the raw concrete and Ak4 concrete polishing system.

• The ultimate number of points accrued is dependant upon the percentage of the concrete flooring reused and the elimination of the need to supply more concrete to the project.

MR Credits 3.1 & 3.2 – Material Reuse– 1 point

• Using polished concrete eliminated the costs associated with demolishing the existing slab and disposal. Once again Ak4 concrete polishing systems when used help towards accrual of this point.

MR Credit 4.1 – Recycled Content – 1 point

• Using concrete with a high reclaimed or recycled content can help contribute to this point. Reclaimed aggregate used in the concrete slab or as sub-base along with Flyash or other Supplementary Cement Material replacing cement content in the new concrete pour are both possible. Using any Ak4 concrete Polishing System to polish the high recycled content concrete will help towards accrual of this point.

MR Credits 5.1 & 5.2 Regional Materials - 1 point

• Using products manufactured within a 500 mile radius of a LEED project may contribute to a point.

Our Densifiers are manufactured in Orem Utah. Ak4 Concrete Solutions are located in Auburn, CA

Ak4 uses high fuel efficient vehicles to transport employees to and from them work site.

EA Credit 1 Optimize Energy Performance - 1 – 10 points

All Ak4 Concrete Polishing systems reduce maintenance costs by as much as 80% over conventional flooring systems such as carpet or VCT.

All Ak4 Concrete Custom Polishing systems dramatically improve light reflectivity which reduce the amount of lighting required and therefore energy consumed.

• Using concrete creates thermal mass which helps to stabilize a buildings heat requirement by storing energy.


Contact: Mark Foreman / Ak4 concrete Solutions – Ph. 530-823-3056 – email mark@ak4concretesolutions.com Fax 866-892-3886