Walter Polished

This floor was finished in January 2015. The floor was dye stained and Diamond Polished to 400 grit 

Pet Club Polished Concrete Floor

This is an example of a typical low budget Polished Concrete floor for a Big Box Retailer.

Krush Burger Rocklin CA

This is our 3rd Crush Burger project and one of the more challenging ones of the three, Why? because the floor was severely distressed. We did coating and 3/8" thick polymer overlay to removal along with a ton of crack and chip repair before we could get down to the business of polishing the floor. Final video will be provided when the store is complete.

SLAC Laser Labs. Stanford University

The folks at SLAC discovered our polishing process while polishing and leveling a small pad for an experiment that they were working on. The pad caught the technicians eyes and soon we were polishing floors from one control room to another. There existing problem was the existing floor was an epoxy paint that had already began to chip and peel after only 2 years. The people at SLAC also do not like the idea of having to replace the coating that are petroleum based every 5 to 8 years. They also required a dust proof surface that wont wear and dust down, because they are working with very sensitive instruments that require a clean indoor environment. They also like the increased light reflection and Zero PVC emissions. 

Rendon Residence, Shingle Springs, CA

This Concrete floor was Acid stained and finished in around 2008. The floor was very wavy and bumpy. In spite of this condition we decided to proceed with the work. We stained the floor with Multi color acid stains with scattered iron pellets. We polished the floor to 800 grits diamond polish and next we applied a guard product and burnished. 

Salinas Residence, Carmel CA

This home was another very challenging project because it was both upstairs and downstairs with many numerous obstacles that needed to be protected while polishing. The floor was originally sealed. the owners wanted to upgrade to polished and densified for the increased durability and ultra low maintenance that our polishing system provides. Never having to strip sealer off the floor again is also quite appealing to many folks out there. The floor had color mixed in the load. We also polished the Garage floor and grouted all of the deep joints before polishing.

Firestone Public House

The Firestone Public house Project done in 2012. Located at 1132 16th Street, Downtown Sacramento. was one of the most severely damaged floors that we have ever done. It was thickly covered with multiple glues, adhesives and thin sets. We had to do test holes in various locations just to see if the concrete underneath could be honed or polished. The original plan was to diamond hone the floor to a 200 grits level. after completion, the owner changed there mind and opted for a 1500 grit polish. we simply went over the 200 grits honed with 400, 800 and 1500 grits. this is not what we call one of our truly polished jobs, But we did managed to increase the gloss level without the need to add much extra cost to the project.

Mimi Residence Polished San Francsisco CA

We provided design assistance with the focus on giving our client more for less. We achieved this by closely working with the concrete contractor and owner. Based on the owners vision and budget, We Designed the concrete finish to be floated very rough and Mother of pearl was broad cast at about 10 lbs. Per 100 SF. After proper cure time, We came in and performed the polishing work.

Miranda Residence

The Miranda Residence Located in Hayward CA was completed in 2014. What maybe of particular interesting for some, is that we poured and placed a 1.25" thick concrete topping over a conventional wood Sub-Floor. This allows us to give our clients a truly polished floor by eliminating the need for a modified polymer cement toppings. Next, After a 28 day wait for cure time, We Did mock up samples to determine color aggregate exposure and gloss while the owner was present. Next, Started the grinding process and continued the polishing up to 400 grits. Next, We applied the custom made dye stains and rinsed the floor. Next, We continued polishing up too # 800 grits. Next, We applied  our proprietary floor hardener and burnished. We hope to do a follow up visit this year and will keep you posted.

Petrangelo Residence - Smith Valley, NV

This polishing project was done in 2006.

The owner wanted a blue color. We achieved this by using a Stone Blue dust on color hardener, applied during the pour of the concrete. After a two week wait for concrete cure time, we began the concrete scoring, grinding, and polishing. After the home was finished and ready to move in, we were able to apply grout to the joints, inspect, and burnish. We hope to someday visit the site again for final images.

Knudsen Residence - Nevada City, CA

Nevada City, Ca (2006)

This project is a straw bale home. Special care was needed to be sure that we did not get the straw bale walls wet when polishing. Another potential issue was that the floor finish was very imbalanced  in coloration. The problem was solved by the grinding process and our custom-made dye stains. 

Briar Patch Co-Op - Grass Valley, CA

The Briar Patch project was started in spring 2007.  

To our great disappointment, Over a 3 year period. Their maintenance crew used caustic cleaning agents to clean the floor until we caught them. The damage to the floor is severe and today you can barely see any of the beautiful dye stains.

We will be doing a future blog on what not to do when maintaining your beautiful polished concrete along with comments on how to fix the damage. Proper cleaning is so simple, low-cost, and environmentally-friendly. There is no need to use caustic cleaning supplies on this type of work that we do.

American Redi-Mix

American Redi-MIx found us while doing The World of Concrete - Artistry in Concrete,  in Las Vegas, NV., back in winter 2007.

The polishing process was still relatively unknown and that is why they were at W.O.C. Their idea was to show clients what different ordinary concrete mix designs could look like as finished flooring in there new administration offices.

They liked the really deep grind and aggregate exposure that we call Terrazzo-Crete. The embedded eagle is made of iron. This is not the easiest metal to polish over but as you can see, We did it

Root to Happiness - Rancho Cordova, CA

The Root of Happiness is a Kava bar located at 1949 Zinfandel Dr., Ranch Cordova, CA. Pay them a visit, have some Kava and check out our work. I know, the images are really bad!

It is a low gloss #400 grit diamond-polish with custom made S.B. dye stains. We popped the color with our proprietary floor hardener, & burnished. The floor was very soft in areas but still okay to polish.

We will add more images and video at a future date.

Niyati Burnish - Carmichael, CA

The residence was done in 2013, but the finished images were taken in 2015.

The floor is a low gloss #400 grit diamond-polish that has been booted up to appear that it is polished to a much higher gloss. We grouted all control joints and auto grouted the entire floor in order to eliminate all small pitting and open pores. At the end of construction, we applied Guard and burnished.

As you can see, The polishing was done before framing. This provides better protection during construction. We also honed and applied a Hybrid Lithium Densifier/Floor Hardener in the garage. Video will be added at a future date.