California Seed - Pleasant Grove, CA

CA Seed was previously sealed, but the floor was not surface profiled properly in advance of the sealer. This left the appearance of a dirty floor. Our solution was to mechanically remove the sealer coating and properly surface profile the floor.  Next, we polished the floor, lithium densified and applied Guard HG and burnishes.

The images were taken on March 2015. The work was done around June 2013. The gloss of the floor can be dramatically enhanced by doing a fast and simple burnish on a quarterly basis. 

Maritime Academy - Vallejo, CA

July 2014 @ CSU Maritime Academy in Vallejo, CA

The floors are ground and diamond-polished to #1500 grit.  We applied Pentra-Guard HG and burnished at the close of the project. More images and video coming soon.

Kathy Jones Residence, Nevada City CA

This project is solvent based dye stains then ground and polished to 400 grit diamond shine. The Sore patterns are 1/8" wide. The owners have the option to grout them at a future date or leave the grout free as shown in the pictures. i believe we did the work in 2013. images were taken in 2015.

Millet Residence, Nevada City CA

Nevada City CA, Marble - Crete Polished.

This project is off the grid and  gets power from  solar. We custom-made a blend that included dolomite marble which was mined out of Nevada, and combined it with Clear Plate recycled glass, along with other ingredients.

Next, we dusted the blend onto the surface of the wet concrete and floated it in. Next, we wet-cured the slab for a few weeks. Next, we ground and polished the floor to a #1500 grit diamond shine. I believe we did the project during the Summer of 2008. The random gray bleed-through you see was by design.


Jeff & Judy Polakof, Truckee CA

I believe that we did this job in 2006. This project was our 2nd acid-stained & polished concrete job. The concrete had color added to the mix. Thank God we did a cream finish (no rocks). It is just fine sand exposure on the initial grind,  then polished to around the #800 grit level for a final gloss. The owners claim that the floor looks as good today as 9 or 10 years ago with very little maintenance that involves dust mopping and an occasional wet mop with pH balanced, no-rinse cleaner.

I get a smile when i see how young my son was at the time of this job and the tiny machine we were using to polish with.

The polishing project is an acid stained project we did in 2005. It is one of our first polishing residential projects.