New Hope Church

Their problem: The church has limited funds and was looking for a low maintenance floor solution that will not need to be replaced in the future. Solution: Our engineered Rock Hard System, Designed specifically for their requirements.

Auburn Storage

Auburn, CA (estimating roughly around 2006)

This project is in the reception area, and is now called Locksley Mini-Storage LLC. It is located at  12095 Locksley Lane, Auburn, CA., 95602.

The project involves a simple low shine polish and S.B. dye stain. Very low-maintenance and durable finish.

Vanson Residence, Chicago Park CA

Here is another example of our rock hard Concrete flooring system. We Design and engineer each job differently from others in order to meet our clients goals. The floor on this project was poured and scored by others. we stared the work before baseboard and after paint. We ground and profiled the floor to a low gloss 200 grits diamond profile. hoping to achieve a cream finish aggregate exposure. Next, We used Pentra guard with custom made oxide pigments. We adjusted the stains color from room to room because the natural lighting in each room would slightly change the color appearance from one room to the other and our client didn't like that slight variation. Next, after stain, We applied two very light coats of our Pentra Guard floor hardener. The Pentra Guard is Designed to handle fork lift traffic and never needs to be stripped. This floor will require another coat of Pentra guard some 5, 10 or 15 year down the road because of the tinted stains we used.

Jacek Residence< Images taken 5 years after the installation

This project is another example of our Rock Hard system where we use the same chemicals and similar grinding techniques as our Polished system. The floor was done back in 2010. The images were taken 5 year later in 2015. We like to follow our projects for 5, 10, and 15 years to see how they are holding up. We pored the floor over radiant heat tubing. We used dust on Color Hardener for the base color of the Concrete. Next, after a few weeks cure time, We lightly ground the floor with a # 30 grit Res/Met Diamond pads. We were looking for a light cream finish with no large aggregate exposure. (See Close Up Photo). Next, We continued polishing the floor with # 50, 100, and 200 grits. The reason that we stopped the polishing process at #200 grit is because the owner wanted a low gloss, Semi gloss shine, over a highly mirrored and polished floor. Next. We applied Multi Colored SB. dye stains. Next, We applied Lithium Densifier. Next, We applied our Hybrid floor hardener and Burnished. 

Carson - Carson City, Nevada

The schools problem was there previously acid stained and sealed floor were not applied properly applied and the stained and sealed floor failed to hold up. Our Solution was to mechanically grind off the old coatings and give the floor a proper profile to accept sealers and stains. we solvent based dye stained the floor and applied a lithium based Hybrid floor hardener for maximum durability and stain protection. 

Perske - Chico, CA

The floor was not properly acid stained and sealed causing whiting and peeling of the floor. Solution: We mechanically groud off the old coatings, Ground the floor, Solvent Bared dye stained, Lithium densified and polished to a low 400 grit sheen.